Friday, October 31, 2014


Currently we are in a world of panic over a particular infectiuous disease called Ebola, or Ebola Virus, the hemorrhagic fever caused by the Ebola virus – AKA: Ebola Fever.

The media (and certain governers) are intent on causing panic over this whole situation, even though our learning curve is high and in force, changing as needed for each situation, and containment has been close to miraculous.

But Ebola is definitely a very dangerous virus. And there is no doubt that it must be contained.

However, all reason has left the reporting and panicking over this disease. It has clearly been shown that people who do not attend to someone in end stage Ebola have very miniscual chance of getting the virus. At the very least they have to have touched the person in some way and would have to have been direct in contact with some form of that person's bodily fluids in order to even be watched for symptoms.

The fact that American doctors and hospitals are getting ahead quickly in this invasion of a virus has not really come through in the reporting and speculations about the coming catastrophe. Right now, everyone who comes down with a fever seems to be a cause for fear.

Panic is a strong

I was having a conversation with a stranger over a year ago, maybe two, and as we discussed our aches and pains in our aging years, she suddenly said this mouthful:

You know our bodies are not made to fail like this. They are supposed to be perfect, but they have flaws. Someday science will figure out what to do about that.

As my jaw dropped and my mind was grasping what she had said, the person we were there to talk with came up to us. I was blown away that she had given me a perfect opportunity to explain that situation in testimony for Christ and that the opportunity flashed away as quickly as it had come! I was dumb founded, to say the least.

She was so right: Our bodies were not meant to be weak and vulnerable. But Science is not the answer. God, and God alone is the answer.

As for the Ebola “epidemic,” the truth is that even with the few patients brought into this country, and even with those in this country coming down with this, we are nowhere near the need for panic. But that is the big buzz for now: Epidemic sure to follow! We will all be killed.

Actually we like to panic about a lot of things - check this list I borrowed from facebook:

But, truly, there is one infection that will kill us all and which we cannot avoid. No one can.

It is the most destructive infection of all infections. Way too many people refuse to recognize that it even exists, let alone panic about it; rather, they keep trying to obliterate any thought of it from their lives.

This is an infection that all of us are born with and it came “genetically” down the line through our ancestors, destroying lives left and right for centuries; bringing all that were born to a time of dying: no exceptions. Well, okay, there were a couple of people whom God reached down and brought up from the earth before they had a chance to die; But even they were destined to die from this disease if God had not taken them home to be with Him, out of his deep love for them.

This disease is SIN. Even before we are born we have begun to die, because sin has permeated this world and no one can escape it. Even before we are born distress effects our lives; dead cells collect as hair and nails; and some things begin to go wrong with our development: some of those being life threatening, while some are actual impairments or simply distressful annoyances once we are born.

In this day and age the word sin is laughed at. Even the word evil is frowned upon, though we see it at work every single day of our lives and it enriches the imaginations of those who love horror.

But sin and evil do exist. It is a topic of much discussion ,not only in Christianity, but in religions world wide. There are many remedies suggested, and many ways to express it are shown constantly in movies and TV shows, even in innocent comics, movies and TV shows.

Why are Super Heroes needed? Because there are evil forces at work all around us. Someone has to save us from them. If there is no good and no evil there cannot be such comics and movies and shows. But they do exist, so... on some level we all pretty much acknowledge the struggle between good and evil.

Christians did not make this up. It is “Good Guy vs Bad Guy” all over the place, all over the world. Christians are simply trying to tell you the truth about good and evil: that evil is led by Satan, who is Evil itself; and good is led by God, who IS GOOD.

Satan came into the lives of Adam and Eve and established his reign on earth by infecting them with his Evil. God, knowing this test would come, had already planned the only way out of this predicament through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. And God kept His word that Christ's Blood would be shed for the sins of all mankind. And that all who asked would be forgiven their sins through that shed blood.

This is a very short summary of this truth of sacrific which can be found in Christianity, but also in many other religions who developed their own sacrificial lambs to artificial gods.

The point is that knowing Christ is a life changing thing. Following a religion is slavery to rules and regulations, none of which help change or cure the conditon of sin.

There are many ways to begin seeking this truth, but the important one is to choose Christ with your heart and voice: let yourself hear Him call you, and answer Him with a ”Yes, Lord, I am here.”

Christ is wooing you even now, let Him into your heart and your life and change your direction from sinning and doing evil, to following Him through this sin-filled world, with a goal of seeing Him one day in the true home of God, where Love lives.

What are the benefits of accepting this truth: Eternal life with God in Heaven and expert assistance for getting through this life as the Holy Spirit of God enters your life and brings you Love, Joy, Peace, Long-suffering, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness (a God who is faithful to you and helps you to want to be faithful to Him), Gentleness and Self-Control. As you follow Him, you will grow and grow away from the sinfulness of your earthly life to the eternal faithfulness and peace of the next.

If you are sick of sin and greatly disturbed about the evil going on around you, take the time to seek God now:

God so loved the world that He gave (to death) His only Son (Jesus Christ) that whoever believes in Him shall not perish (to eternal death) but (shall instead) have everlasting life (with God in Heaven.)

For God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world, through Him, might be saved (healed from sin.)

(Whoever) believes on Him is not condemned: but he that does not believe (on Christ) is condemned already (to eternal death) because he has not believed on the Name of the only Son of God (Jesus Christ.)

Check out John 3:16 online at Bible Gateway and you will see many translations of this truth.

Seek Him while he may be found. And, if you are reading this, He may be found right now. Just ask Him for His help for you to believe this. He is listening for your prayer.

May those who hear (by reading this) also respond to it and find the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior today.

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