Friday, October 10, 2014


This blessing is found in Psalm 42:1, NIV version. My first thought when reading this was of Techno-man. He is my hero when it comes to technology. One of the weaknesses I experience as an “elderly” lady, is that I am a Tech-not!

Though I have managed to learn to use a computer, self-taught over the years, I nevertheless have no real technical knowledge of PC's. I once took a class in programing (before PC) and found that my logic was very rusty and may never be any good again, even with a good dose of Naval Jelly. (Look it up.) I may never understand the “how did it get this way,” but I do know some things about “how do I use this thing?”

Techno-man is a young man, with a young family, who works from home developing all kinds of techno-things that I do not understand. He also helps with training and serving in technology areas in our church. But, if I have a question, he will stop for a minute and try to answer it. He always has a really good answer, calms me down from my worries, and even has invaded my computer to put a few things to rest.
The point is that he - a very busy, very knowledgeable young man - has “consideration for the weak.” And a huge smile as well. He has won my heart, and He makes God glad.

In the King James, the word “poor” is used; but as in many cases, this is probably not specifying just the unrich. For me “the weak” seems a better understanding than “the poor.” I am weak. Many of my friends are weak. Not all of my friends are poor. Yet they all have a weakness somewhere. And many join me in my modern weakness as a Tech-Not.

Meanwhile, there are other weaknesses all around us that are even more serious than a failure to understand technology:

There are those who are weak physically and have a hard time getting around. I have dear friends in that situation. One accompanies me to church on Sunday. Church is greatly important to her and she needs the help of those “stronger” than her to get her there and into the church. When we drive up, the men who are greeting move right out to help her; they get her out of the car and up on the sidewalk, so that she can go in and enjoy the time of worship. These men “have regard for the weak” and they are blessed.

We also have people in our church who come in weak of spirit and weak in self-control. We welcome them and nourish them and help them grow into stronger people through the comfort and teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ. Those who pray for them, those who do what they can to guide them, and those who befriend them in the Love of Christ are showing “regard for the weak” and they are blessed.

And, not the least of them, are those who show regard for the children (the weak) will be blessed: This includes actively, and prayerfully, supporting the lives of the unborn children; speaking out for abolition of “sex-trafficking;” and caring about food and shelter for the homeless children here and around the world.

It also means loving the children around you and sharing your children with others for loving attention. Teaching, nursery care, youth group leading and simply befriending; all of these come under the umbrella of loving in Christ in a way that reaches out to the weak. Those who do will also be blessed.

Basically, a little compassion goes a long way with the Lord. Those who show it – compassion, not pity – have “regard for the weak” and are blessed.

May we step up to the plate and put ourselves out there, with a smile on our faces, to encourage and build up the weak, no matter what the weakness. Then, we too will be blessed.

God help us to see and recognize the weak and help us to reach out in your love, with regard for them. In Jesus name, Amen.

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