Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ramdom Thougths of an Old Woman

One of my most joyful experiences in life is settling down in my favorite chair, shortly after rising, and spending time with God.  My Bible is in my lap and my coffee is nearby.  It is quiet and anticipation in high.  God is there with me and I am there with Him and we are bonding.

But sometimes I do not pick up the Bible in my lap right away. And I do not set my coffee aside.  Instead, I hold the coffee in both hands, sipping quietly, while staring out the window day dreaming about God.  That’s when my thoughts wander and my imagination gets involved in our relationship. 

Unlike teachers at any school anywhere, God does not chide me for my wandering thoughts.  Instead, He enjoys the opportunity to prod me into thinking “outside the box,” or a little deeper.  Every time I read a book of the Bible again, or study it with a different study group, He is pleased to give me yet another eye to see things a little differently than I have before.  At this time I am going through the book of Hebrews, which I have read through at least four times before, yet it seems as though I have never seen it.  One thing that helps is that I now have a study Bible that gives me a more succinct introduction to the book and many notes on the passages within.  But what I see is a new glow as I read and a brilliant picture of Christ, the Messiah, which is almost causing me to squint in its radiance.  What a joy this living Word is to those who love Him and feed on His truth.

God is so much more than we can ever imagine in our finite minds, but we can ponder many things about Him, so join me here in a visit to your imagination and mine as we do some not necessarily scholarly thinking about our God.

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