Friday, May 10, 2013


This morning I have been taking a look at the next sequence in our evening Bible study, and as I read in Colossians 2:8-23, I found my heart breaking.  My heart is not breaking for the Colossians, but for a friend and neighbor of mine.  He is not a Christian so far as I know.  As Christians we have the privilege of the Truth and Power of Christ. And that news brings wells of Joy and Peace to us.  He does not have any of that.  Moreover, he is bi-polar and darkness rules without his pills. And often, as now, he goes off those pills.  Even when he is on his meds, the power of darkness pulls strongly on him and the light that they give him has no real power or strength to fight that darkness for very long.

I fear for him, and I think of questions I have not asked him along the way:  What do you think about everyday?  What challenges do you see in life other than staying on your meds?  Have you ever thought about Jesus Christ, or the Bible, or who God is and is there one at all?  Do you prefer being in the light or in the darkness?  Have you ever thought about getting a different kind of help to keep you in the light?  Most of all I fear that I will never get the chance to ask these questions now because he could be evicted and not allowed to live here anymore.  Why didn’t I think to talk to him before?

When he is on his meds, he is a lovely person: smiling, laughing, very polite, even enjoyable, though quite shy.  When he is off his meds, his life changes drastically.  Many we have known have become overly aggressive, even dangerous in their behavior, but he is not a danger to anyone but himself. I hope he will be allowed to stay here and have a life, such as it is.  I also hope that God will allow me to ask the questions that I have not asked and perhaps introduce him to the Light that matters.

I shared my concerns with a friend who has promised to pray with me for this situation.  He, himself, is a deeply grateful child of Christ who has been smacked down more often than Hulk Hogan or “the Rock” of wrestling fame. I have know him for nearly seven years and he has nearly died at least five times, I think 6, since I have know him (and many times before that).  His faith holds him tight every time and God comes through for him, ever so slowly but firmly.  He knows all the things about the power of God and all that it means to any life.  His prayers will be very sincere and I appreciate that very much.

Therefore, I also seek your prayers. God can help. He is all powerful and all knowing and All.  Some prayers will be for his mind to heal and some prayers will be for his salvation and healing from sin, even if God does not heal his mind.  God knows what the true need is:   He needs the chance to decide the answer to the question:  What will you do with Jesus?

Please pray with me that it is not too late and that I will be alert and willing to move forward to take him aside and have that long talk.  Maybe in the park…

May we all be alert to people we see everyday who need Jesus but may never know it if we do not take them aside and ask them the questions of a lifetime.  And, may God forgive me for being so blind that I did not even see him as someone who needs the Lord.

God use us to bless someone this day and everyday because those who need salvation are all around us all the time. Go with God and love someone today, before it is too late. Amen

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