Saturday, May 25, 2013


Suddenly this morning my brain back-fired and I was off on a rabbit trail that I cannot complete.  “Satisfaction brought it back.”  So help me here to find some answers to the questions burning in my head today:  1) Do Biblical/Historical studies have any records of how the Chinese came to be and claim records of their dynasties going back “thousands of years?” And 2) Do Evolutionists have any explanations for how nearly every species on this earth or in the waters of this earth came to reproduce, male and female?

Question 1) only makes me mildly curious so let’s play with question 2) just for fun. : )

Men, being men, seem to concentrate their thinking on MANkind, so let’s think for a minute as women, about WOMANkind, or femaleness, if you will.  I do not study evolution.  But it is a subject that cannot be avoided in the course of learning in general.  The whole world seems to be caught up in the “doctrine’ of evolution and it is taught and assumed in all areas of life these days.  Between the Big Bang and Darwinism, we can’t get away from it.

It seems that somehow there was “nothing” and then there was “something” and that was the Universe.  Then somehow this “something,” included the earth and somehow there was water on the earth and somehow the molecules of water produced something living that reproduced by splitting over and over again and soon the water was full of creatures of various kinds who then… Well, let’s say they “evolved” into more creatures which needed to reproduce by methods other than splitting: fish, crabs and other creatures which moved about, laid eggs, fertilized those eggs and managed to become species.  In my mind, this required femaleness, right? Where did that come from? And how did that last for all these “millions” of years?

But more important, how did evolution manage to produce more that one (male and female) of every species along the evolutionary line? (Yes, there are tiny creatures that are able to reproduce without separate male and female bodies, but they still need male and female capabilities.) So let’s say that 99% of creatures need separate males and females of the species in order to reproduce.  How was that decided in evolution and how is it that man came from some creature of the seas that went through stages of being in order to become man and yet there are women?  How did that happen?  For that matter, how do they explain any of the female existence in any creatures at all? I want to know.  I need to know.

After all, I am a woman.  I did not reproduce anyone in my lifetime, but I could have.  I was born with all the very special parts that only a woman has and I was, therefore, prepared to reproduce.  So, my question is, how did the first man become more men and how did this occurrence happen around the world? Because, if you think about it, more than one man would have had to come into being through this evolutionary change or it would not have been true evolution, it would have been a fluke. But, evolution focuses on one man.  How can that be? And where did the females of the “man” species come from, let alone the “female” of every other species on the earth. And which molecules of the sea produced that abundance of varieties of creatures in the first place?

I am female, hear me roar! God made me and every, other female of any species, and we were made special. God does not even explain the presence of the female animals which He specifically mentions to Noah when filling the ark.  But he hints at it in the dilemma of Adam not having a “helper.” He definitely was not referring to a housekeeper.  Adam needed a female counterpart so God made woman from his own rib, to walk beside him in love and companionship and reproduction. That is how the species of the “whole” earth were to be multiplied and it still is.

We are female. Let us roar!  Whether human, earthly animal, fowl or fish we are female and we are specially made to carry the seeds of life within us. And, whether the eggs we carry are fertilized before or after the egg leaves our bodies, we are the carriers of those next generational eggs.

Which brings us to the question: What came first, the chicken or the egg?  The Hen with the egg inside is my clear answer.

May we all praise God everyday for womanhood and femaleness and the special part we play in the world that was created by Him and for Him. We are not animals, nor are we to compare ourselves with them.  We are not just females, we are women, specially made to walk alongside men, multiplying the human species on this earth and overcoming the restraints of this world as God commanded:  Be fruitful and multiply, increasing in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground.

Praise the Lord that we are human, and we are female and that we have been allowed to walk close to Him on this earth in spite of the fall of man in the Garden of Eden. God is Good. Amen

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