Saturday, December 31, 2011


Pondering the end of the year, I have come to the conclusion that I am hopeless. I don’t really care that at midnight one year will be gone and another will have begun.  Just remembering what day of the week it is proves to be a challenge to me.  All that a changing year means to me is that I will be messing up some checks with the wrong date very soon.  And, oh yes, at some point I will be a year older. 

On the 26th of February, I will suddenly be a year older than I was on the 25th.  Amazing.  

Remember when it was cool to be “and ½?”  We get over that in a hurry when we pass 20. The reality of course is that we age constantly.  We grow up, then out, then “over the hill” without any special effort on our part at all.  We can stunt the process by ignoring the rules of good health, and we can even end the process sooner than might be expected by breaking the “rules” of healthy conduct.  But as long as we are alive we will get older, no matter.

Many people take the time to look at how they are living so that they can make a few resolutions for the New Year. Me?  I make and break so many resolutions all year long that the New Year doesn’t get me all excited to be all that I could be.  I have to work on that every single day of the year.

There was a time when I was diagnosed with Diabetes 2, and resolved to change my life style and eating habits.  That was in May that year, nowhere close to the “New Year.”  A couple of years later, I had a heart attack.  Even more changes were needed.  I have had some success, but it was not, and is not, easy.  I did find that I had to be resolute about the whole thing.  I had to act on these changes and push through them for any of them to work.

As this year comes to a close I find that I have become quite wishy-washy in my resolutions.  I have become weary of so much thinking about what I am eating.  I still eat 95% good choices, but I definitely eat too much of each choice.  Even food that is good for you has calories and when you are hobbled from serious exercise for awhile, those calories add up fast. 

One thing that brought this subject up, was reading in Hebrews about how resolute God is with His Covenants.  He keeps His Word because He is true to Himself. That forces Him to be true with us.  He doesn’t weary of repeating and keeping His side of the Covenants.  And when He showed that the original Covenant wasn’t working due to our sinfulness, He sent a proper sacrifice for our sins: His Son, Jesus Christ, who never sinned and therefore became a once for all, absolutely acceptable sacrifice for us, and a High Priest, everlasting, who sits at the right hand of His Father and sees to it that we are kept for Him for eternity.  We are truly blessed beyond understanding. 

We are hopeless without Him, but we have Him and that is what we can shout praises to Heaven for this New Year and every New Year.  Hallelujah!  God is Love… and Love has come for us all!

Happy New Year to all…

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