Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Today, in this world, we cannot imagine not being able to get wherever we want to go by one means or another. While studying or just reading about the past we easily learn that transportation has taken many forms and many unbelievable strides. Centenarians who passed away in the 20th Century had lived to see unbelievable change in modes of transport from horse and buggy to spaceships.

In the beginning, transportation was by foot. And that continues to be a popular mode, even today. Then came the domestication of animals and a whole new animal dependent transport system came into being; from oxen to horses to camels and even mules and donkeys, not to mention ostriches and elephants. Much of this type of transport was encouraged by the invention of the wheel and the development of the harness and yoke. It was a surprisingly long time before we moved beyond that type of transport. But when we did, we really did!

Today, we are “Trains, Planes and Automobiles” travelers; not to mention boats and ships of so many sizes and purposes they cannot all be named. And, beyond that there are rockets and spaceships and a “travel home” that circles the earth over and over again.

We have sent humans to the moon and we have sent equipment and sight-seer mechanical objects into space to see things closer up so that we can experience with our eyes what we cannot be present to see for ourselves, just yet. It would seem we can go just about anywhere now and even more places later on.

But there is one place we will never reach by man made means. We cannot get there from here on our own: That place is Heaven, God's Home, which is outside this universe; unseen and unreachable through the works of man. Not the works of our hands, but only by the Grace of God, through the blood of Jesus Christ, the Lord. The Way – the only way – “the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” “No man comes to the Father but by me!”

If you doubt what I say, “Google It.” Go out there and search for what the Bible actually says about how to get to heaven. But while you are looking, do not be led astray by your assumptions about the Law. The Law did not ever save anyone! It condemned them, and it condemns all of us. We are sinners and the Law was used to try to keep some order in the lives of those stiff necked people who kept wandering off from God and His Love: looking for love in all the wrong places. The Law was a reminder of the purity and Holiness of God; a standard to guide the people back to Him when they wandered away.

The Law never saved anyone, nor did good works teleport anyone into the home of God. Only God can bring someone into His Home, by invitation and acceptance. And His invitation has always been – Look to my Son!

But “keeping” the Law is not the only behavior that will not get you into God's family and into His home. Being a good person will not work either. Yes, Jesus wants us to love our neighbors as ourselves and to comfort and support the poor. But He does not ask anyone to do this in order to be saved. He is talking to people who are already following Christ about good ways to behave as a representative of Him. Being nice, being good, doing good deeds without knowing Christ as Savior will add up to zilch.

There is nothing a woman can do or say or design or build that will get that woman into God's Heavenly realm. The only thing that a woman can do that will get herself into heaven is to answer God's loving invitation to look to Him and to trust Him to forgive her sins and to make her a new person in, and through the shed blood of Jesus Christ His son; by the power of the Holy Spirit. If you do that you will know that something happened in your heart and spirit that is stunning and powerful and life changing.

From there you will start traveling down a road you never knew existed and you will do that in partnership with the Holy Spirit. 


You will still be bound, temporarily, to this earth and man made transportation; but you will have a hope in your heart for the transport of a lifetime, into the arms of Jesus Christ, and into the Heavenly realm that is His family home. Now, that is a trip to look forward to. And that is a trip that can only be taken by those who have surrendered to the Saving Grace of the One True God and the Lordship of Jesus Christ, His Son.

May we all be aware of this “limited time” offer and turn to God for all that we need. And may we all love our neighbors enough to share this message with them before it is too late. God bless you all. Amen

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