Friday, November 15, 2013


I cannot contain this secret any longer. I am part of a resonating universe, filled with a resonating God and privy to a resonating, living Word.  There.  Now the secret is out.

A few weeks ago I was treated to a demonstration of resonating.  I did not know about it even though I had experienced it over and over in my life.  Suddenly I have an explanation for what has been a true joy in my experiences over the years.  Resonating is real, it does exist and it is important to each and every one of us.  But first, let me explain the lesson that got me to this point:

In one of her videos, Beth Moore used a piano to insert this concept into our minds.  She sat there and hit middle C and began explaining how when she hits just that one key, all of the C keys respond in kind.  That made sense to me because, though I do not play the piano, I have had classes on how to listen to music. I thought I was pretty good at it and I was well aware that the right foot pedal on the piano would hold the vibrations of the keys for a longer time so that the chords would be more aggressive through out the piece being played. But I did not have any idea that the other strings in the piano would respond all by themselves to each note played.  Not only the other “C” notes but the harmonious notes would respond as well.  And that was not all:  A woman sang into the piano and the keys in the piano responded by resonating with her voice, in harmony.  It was amazing.  And it opened my eyes to what had been going on around me which I could never quite put a finger on.

Suddenly my mind exploded with applications of this phenomenon. Jumping out into the universe, I remembered that scientists have declared that it is noisy out there: There is something almost like music or humming that they can hear. Little do they know that this humming is God’s universe resonating together in the harmony of their positions and order of spinning and circling in outer space.

And music—wonderful, wonderful music—the resonating of God created sounds which work together to make such harmony that it can bring shivers to your body.  Have you ever sung in a choir or an ensemble; have you ever played in a band or orchestra; have you ever listened to any of these and found yourself suddenly awed with the hairs rising on your arm and neck?  If you have you have experienced resonating.  You have experienced that moment in time when the sounds came together in such powerful harmonious togetherness that you were actually a part of that harmony for just a moment in time.  It is a beautiful experience; one to be remembered.

But the real kicker is living life in Christ. I have for many years realized that no matter what I am studying or being taught through sermons and songs, that it all fits together and each part compliments each other  part.  I was mystified at first how what Pastor preached in his sermon fit right into the Sunday school lesson and into the Ladies Bible study lesson and into the lesson in my evening growth group. I began to see and be excited about the truth that if you find truth for your life in one place in the Bible you will find it in every place in the Bible.  The Bible is totally cohesive. That blew my mind and grounded me in the Bible being infallible, never in error and never short on what is teaches us. Nothing is missing and nothing is to be left out. It is complete. It is without fault, flawless.  It is all that God says it is. But have you heard that it is also living? What does that really mean?

It means that the words themselves resonate with each other and the books resonate with each other and that it all resonates with us in our souls when God is speaking to us. It means that when a preacher is preaching and you get startled or feel sudden chills, it is because God is speaking to you. Is does not necessarily mean that God is speaking to anyone else about what He has brought to your attention. It means that He is pointing out to you what you should hear and learn from what is being said. We need to heed that.  We need to acknowledge that and we need to praise God for it.

It also means that the Pastor preaching or the teacher teaching or the writer writing will know by the vibrations within that God is leading in what they are doing.  And, as our young shepherd leader preached on Sunday, it is not we who matter, it is God and He can use the weakest vessel, who may actually feel like a failure, to bring great blessing to those for whom the words were intended.

Our God is a mighty God and He will vibrate in our lives if we are willing to let Him. We will know when God is speaking to us because we will be one with Him as He does.  This is not to say that we must “feel” something emotional to know that God is in us and working through us. What I am trying to say is that we will be in harmony with Him and we will just know it. Things will “click” together in our minds. Things will “click” together in our hearts. Things will “click” together in our lives. Things will make sense.  We will have His Peace in what we have come to know. And we will praise Him.

We Praise you Lord for all that you are. We thank you that you are all that we need and all that we can ever want. And we thank you that you are for us, not against us, so that we can work in harmony with you.  And today I would like to thank you for being harmony itself and bringing harmony into our lives in amazing and wonderful ways.

 May we wake up with a song--and still be singing when the day is done -- Bless the Lord O my Soul. May we worship your Holy name*… In Jesus name, amen.

*10,000 Reasons--Matt Redman

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