Tuesday, July 9, 2013


To Ezekiel God said, “Confront Jerusalem with her detestable practices….”  He went on to describe the beginnings of Jerusalem (Israel) were quite common and she was not anything special at the time…. “(you were) thrown out into an open field, for on the day you were born you were despised.”

“Then I passed by and saw you… I made you grow like a plant in the field… you became the most beautiful of jewels.”  He goes on to relish in the care and “makeover” He gave to them and says “So you were adorned… You became very beautiful and rose to be a queen. And your fame spread among the nations on account of your beauty…

“But you trusted in your beauty and used your fame to become a prostitute.”

Are you tingling, yet, with a sense of how well this is describing the U.S.? Let’s see what else He has to say…

“You lavished your favors on anyone who would pass by and your beauty became his… You also took the jewelry I gave you… the food I provided… your sons, your daughters…” and “sacrificed” (gave) them to others.

“Was your prostitution not enough?  Woe. Woe to you…. offering your body with increasing promises to anyone who passed by.... Every prostitute receives a fee, but you give gifts to all your lovers, bribing them to come to you from everywhere for your illicit favors.  So in your prostitution you are the opposite of others; no one runs after you for your favors.  You are the very opposite for you give payment and none is given to you

To understand how this affects us today and how it shaped history itself, we must remember this very important fact:  Jerusalem was the Gold Standard for all to see and Israel was the Blueprint to help all countries see how they must follow God and not turn from Him if they wanted to survive. Jerusalem (Israel) was not taken out of this world to live for God; they were left right in the midst of the world so as to draw the world into also believing in their God.

This NOT a setting-aside of a prophecy to Israel for any other country to take on as directed at them for some special reason.  ALL countries were always encouraged to “Turn from (their) wicked ways and repent and follow God” and to become a pattern after the one He set for Israel.  Israel was intended to be His light to the World and would eventually provide the true light through Jesus Christ.  But every single country was invited to follow.  When coming to America most of the population had done just that and they chose to set their feet on that solid ground. 

Just this morning I was reminded of the tours our current president takes and his determination to ask the world to forgive us for being us.  And right now our government is struggling with this problem:  How do we keep Egypt happy and friendly (really?) while not failing to keep our own law about not giving money to governments which have been overthrown by their own military.  Now therein lies a true dilemma.  How much more can we prostitute ourselves in the Middle East?  And how much more can we spend outside our country while asking China, our sworn enemy, to loan us a few bucks here and there so we can keep up our habit of prostitution. 

All money going to assist enemy countries who declare hatred for us is bribery money; and it does us no good at all. And all the things we do to dumb down this country, so that others will not hate us, is outright prostitution of this country.  Every time we take another freedom from ourselves we prostitute the constitution of this country and become the laughing stock of our enemies.

Christians must begin to speak up.  We must begin to take a chance on being hated for what we say.  And we must take whatever comes from those actions even as Christ and His Apostles did as they spread the Word among those who loved it and among those who hated it.  And they were despised by the haters.

I actually wrote this page intending to add it to a new blog I want to start about political opinion, but this is truly pertinent to us at this very minute and we need to see with our eyes wide open how far we have come from the America we intended to be.  We are as much a prostitute before God as Israel ever was.  And He will take care of this problem if we do not.

Lord, may we be given eyes to see, not only what is happening around us, but how we are helping it happen by keeping quiet and preferring not to offend and be hated.  May we now speak up against the mess this country has become.  And may we seek ways to bring the people of this country back to You and Your ways for Jesus sake. Amen.

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