Friday, January 18, 2013


Do you ever think about the awesome truth of math?  MATH?  No one wants to think about MATH do they?  That’s just a class you have to take to get through school.  No one ever uses it in everyday life!  Why think about it?

How about because just about everything in our lives that exists through the efforts of man has a math component:  Architecture, Engineering, Science, Electronics, Movies, Space Travel, Clothing, computer programming, hard and soft… you name it, if men made it they used math.

There was a wonderful article in my favorite magazine, Acts and Facts, published by the Institute for Creation Science, which tackles the fact of math and the idea that math has somehow changed through the years by evolving into a better math.  I am thinking about it today, because yesterday I had the privilege of meeting a wonderful Christian woman who lives in the John Day area and has a serious interest in the geology of that area.  She had just purchased a book written about that area “from a creationist point of view.”  She is also a great fan of Acts and Facts, so we had a very nice discussion time together over the facts of geology from a creation standpoint.

That brought me to remembering the “EVOLUTIONARYMATH?” article from Acts and Facts.  And that brought me to tears over how truly Awesome our God is. Since I lived through the “new math” era (a FAIL) and thanked God that I never had to deal with that in my classrooms, I am very impressed with the basic thoughts of this article.  Math has never changed.  Math is Truth and math truth has been true since the very beginning of all things: (2 + 2) has always and will always equal (4). Math existed in the very Mind of God and it cannot be changed and has not changed through time.  Without math we would be lost in a serious wilderness of impossibility.  With math we are able to live amazing lives filled with wonder, wonder that sometimes should, and often does, absolutely floor us.

Perhaps you may have guessed what “repeating” TV show is one of my favorites?  NUMB3RS, of course.  (And not just because Santa’s elf plays the math guy, but that helps – teehee.) I do not claim to understand everything said, but I do sit in amazement over the way the mind of a mathematician works.  Everything can be reduced to numbers in their brains and those numbers can be used in awesome ways to solve the riddles of life. Numbers came from the mind of God and they do not change and He does not change.

So, how about if we get excited about math simply because it came from the very mind of God.  That is awesome to me. And that is one huge, excellent argument in favor of Creation.  Creation came from the mind and heart and spoken word of God.

And, by the way, let’s celebrate the very fact that God is Truth, the only Truth and that nothing can ever compete with that and be true.  May God give us an awesome respect for His mind as well as His loving Heart.

Just for laughs:  Try imagining the cumbersome effort to solve thought problems or even balance our check books using Roman Numerals!  hahahaha.  Then thank God for the numbering system we have today!

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