Thursday, April 26, 2012


This Morning I discovered a note I made last week in my Matthew study book.  I read it and thought, “Did I write that or did I copy that?”  Is it my own idea or am I stealing it from someone else?  The truth is I do not know.  I do not remember and I did not indicate either where I wrote the note.  Perhaps last week I could remember and would have if I had used the note then.  Now I am just not remembering.  But I will share it with you anyway and if you recognize this as your own thought let me know.  Otherwise I will claim it for now:

When we call to Jesus, we must tell Him what we want so that we can see clearly what He does.  (This was a note referring to the blind men calling out to Jesus as He passed and Him calling back asking ‘What do you want me to do for you?’)  He desired that they speak their need so that they and the multitude would recognize the answer when it came.  Matthew 20:29-34

For me right now the struggle is to remember, period.  But, for sure, I would like to remember what I asked for so that I can see how God answers and then remember that He did answer and how.  Otherwise I may end up saying to God (as I did to my cousin recently), “Are you sure we talked about that?  Are you sure I asked that?  You already did that?”  Things could get really weird.

The incident with my cousin was almost scary.  She was surprised that I did not know she was having Easter dinner for us.  She said she thought we had discussed it. And we had.  I just did not remember.  So while we visited she reminded me that we talked about it at dinner in Portland and suggested a couple of things that were said that I should remember.  I believed her, but it took nearly half an hour for me to finally break through and “see” the conversation in my mind.  That really was weird.  I may be seeking some kind of “home” care soon if that keeps up.

And then there was trying to get started with my PT for my shoulder:  I could not handle having two and a half months of appointments:  I was getting them totally mixed up in my head.  We had to agree to let me take one down at a time, getting the info the day I came.

And then there is the great day I had on Wednesday trying to get my simple laundry done.  I got the load in fine and on time (we have appointments assigned for using the washers and dryers) but when I went down to get my clothes out of the dryer, I wondered where my towels were and was shocked to realize I had not dumped the bathroom stuff in the basket before I came down.  So off I went to gather up that stuff and some things for my aunt who did not feel well and stuck those in the washer (on her time, thankfully) and realized that I did not bring any quarters with me since I was FINISHED with my laundry.  I went back upstairs and got the quarters, got half way down again and remembered that I would also need soap, then remembered that I had not put soap in the first load so I needed to get those and wash them again. 

I finally got everything washing and had a quick sandwich which I almost chocked on because at 2:15 I remembered that I had a PT appointment for 2:45 and I sort of had to rush to get the things in the dryer and run out and hope that no one got upset with my laundry being in the dryer overtime. Yes, I am laughing… I am so hopeless at times!  LOL  (Hold on I have to blow my nose….)

Anyway, I guess my point is that remembering what God has done for us, past, and remembering what we are asking Him for, present, and recognizing how and what He answers is pretty important stuff.  Our testimony for Him is certainly centered in the life we live for Him day to day, but sharing Him with others is truly centered around the verbal story we can tell about how God is alive and well in us each and every day.  If we fail to remember what He has done for us, we will not be able to share Him.  I guess that is why someone once wrote the song, Count Your Blessings … name them one by one.  We have to remember.  We just have to.  For our own sake and for the sake of others, no matter what else we do not remember, may we always remember YOU!

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  1. Counting and remembering my blessings! (most the time)