Friday, March 9, 2012


This morning I had my first meeting with the orthopedic therapist who will be helping me rebuild my left shoulder after years of abuse which had caused, so far, a small tear in my rotator cuff.  It was such a great session that I think I love her!  Unlike the doctor, she wanted to hear the whole story and asked excellent questions.  Then as she explained what she had in mind for me I could see that we were absolutely of one mind.  Unlike the doctors, she knows that what I want to do is reclaim my body and learn how to build it without hurting it as I get crispier and crispier in my old age. :) We are of one mind about this thing that needs to be done.

For me, it never fails to excite me when I find myself meeting a new person whose thoughts and actions are in sync with mine, or who is someone I can respect and follow, and learn from.   Ah, shucks, I just love meeting new people, period.  But there is something extra special about people who love the Lord, love to talk about the Lord, and love to spend time thinking about the Lord; all the while loving other people just because He does.  That makes any day super special.

My sense of buoyancy today is also supported by the fact that it is a beautiful sunshiny day. And, I caught my first whiff of spring as I approached the therapy office; the wonderful smell of fresh bark dust.  They had a lot of it in the flower beds in the parking lot.  I had walked over and then I walked home again and it was great just to be out in the sun.  This is a GOOD DAY for name dropping:  This is the day that the Lord has made…  easy to say today.  And yet, who will we say it to? 

And what about tomorrow?  It is supposed to rain.  Will I wake up grouchy?  Will I even tell myself that the Lord is to be thanked for the day, let alone anyone else?  And what if I wake up at 3:44 and do not get back to sleep again until sometime after 5:44?  (I do that often.)  Will I be thankful and joyful for that?

Some of us are on facebook and we find it easy to slip a note to our friends about how our day is going.  What kind of inference can they take from what we say?  Do we drop God’s great name as we share?   I am assuming here that we all have at least a few friends and family on our lists who are not Christians, and some who are, but never really talk about it.  Perhaps we can keep that in mind and post comments about the Lord—drop His name—as we share our thoughts there.  One nice thing there is that if we turn red even thinking about that, at least no one will see our red faces.

I don’t have a lot of wisdom or “breast beating” to do on this subject.  I didn’t even tell my therapist what a great day it really was.  I think I get lock-jaw pretty easily.

But, at least, I want to share with you that God is awesome!  I worried myself silly that this therapy thing would be a waste of time, but He knew all along that it would not.  I have been given a chance to take back my body and continue to use it for whatever time I have left.  I am excited.  Even as I sit here I am doing the first exercise she gave me:   tightening down my “wing.”   I am dropping my shoulder and “pinching” my “wing” down into my back, over and over.  Now I know why my shoulder hurts so bad when I spend time writing.  And now I know what to do to change that cycle.  Thank you Lord for all that you do for us, large and small.  May we all start paying better attention, and telling more of our story everyday, to someone.

And lest you think crazy saintly things here, my shoulder is screaming at me and I am not afraid to mention it!  :) Off to take some Naproxom!

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